Automate to Dominate with Chatbots!

Chatbots are changing the way businesses engage with customers and potential clients.

This revolutionary technology allow businesses to connect with clients where they are - on their websites or favorite social medial platform.

If your business isn't giving clients the choice of a chatbot engagement, you are already behind.

I'm Craig Cameron aka the Bots Guy. I build chatbots and create multi-dimensional profit pumping automation strategies for cutting edge brands.

Automate to Dominate with Chatbots!

Chatbots are changing the way businesses engage with their customers and potential clients. Chatbots allow businesses to be where their customers are and to take advantage of automated systems that were not available till now.

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Don't Get Left Behind

I'm pretty sure you have noticed that business and more importantly, consumer behavior have changed ... right?

I mean, automations are literally everywhere, and its done so good, that half the time, you don't know these messages, prompts, etc are sophisticated programming.

Why is that? Customers want instant acknowledgement and personalized responses from businesses.

How can you respond to these demands without hiring 24/7 sales and customer service staff? One word. Automations.

If you aren't taking advantage of this technology, then trust and believe, your potential customers are heading to the competitors.

“You should message a business just the way you would message a friend. ”

Mark Zuckerberg

Ways Businesses Can Use Chatabots

Lead Generation

Customer Support



List Segmentation


We've been waiting over a year for this! Believe me, it's just about here. How do I know? I'm a part of the team doing the rigorous beta testing.

Pretty soon you will be able to have a bot on Instagram! Check out some of the features...

  • Auto-reply to comments on posts
  • Automatically reply to Instagram DMs (direct messages) Great for Clubhouse 👋
  • Have an automatic welcome message for new people who message your page.
  • Send an auto reply to anyone who mentions you in their stories.
  • Did I also mention it's great for clubhouse (deliver lead magnets/freebies/appointment links)


Here is what you need to know..


What's Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio only social media app that is changing the social networking ecosystem.

Think of Clubhouse like a podcast with an interactive audience. The networking you can do on Clubhouse is like nothing I have ever seen. And I should know - I've been in this digital space for almost 30 years.

  • Join rooms just to listen or raise your hand to ask a question.
  • Start your own room on a topic you have knowledge about.
  • Get tons of leads in your IG DMs.

(Now do you see why a 24/7 bot can be uber useful to you? I mean...that missed DM could be your next SIX figure lead or collab)

What is MobileMonkey?

It's the best chatbot platform for marketing, sales and support. Connect with customers via Website Chat, Messenger, SMS and Instagram from one unified platform.


Lead Generation Bot

Collecting contact information from a prospective client enters them into your sales funnel and gives you the chance to move them through the buying process faster.

That’s what our lead generation chatbot template is designed to do.

Host online / virtual events much these days? Check out how this 24/7 VA can get you new leads.

Think about can customize the bot to offer download content, webinar registration, even discounted prices to name a few.

This bot can collect leads on autopilot even while you’re heads-down with existing client work.

In fact, we set this bot to email you a notification when new leads sign up so you can reach out and get in touch via SMS or telephone with them when you’re available to talk.

Fitness Gym Bot

Stay in touch with your gym members, notify them of new classes, programs or facility upgrades, and encourage new member referrals by implementing the gym Messenger chatbot.

Ease the burden of front-office staff by answering frequently asked questions like gym location, hours, and pricing, and the ability to collect new member inquiries so your sales team can follow up.

The gym bot template comes with a page that offers a free trial membership or free health evaluation.


Craig Cameron aka The Bots Guy

Hi, I’m The Bots Guy.

I've been doing Digital Marketing since 1995. I've run ecommerce stores, built my own software, helped start-ups with social media, created high converting websites / landing pages, helped agencies and businesses scale Facebook Marketing with optimized automations .

I currently help businesses and agencies drive conversion and revenue by deploying cool NEXT LEVEL chatbot and automation strategies that utilize messenger, Instagram and SMS.

Yes. I am the the behind the scenes mastermind/strategist behind many of the bots on the Mobile Monkey platform. Hands down, Mobile Monkey is the best bot building platform out there. I've also worked with agencies to help them create automation campaigns for many of your favorite celebrities. (Sorry...I can't name

I also build bots for Dennis Yu, one of the top Digital Marketers on the planet. Having worked with top talent, I can say with great pride, that I'm one of the industry's top bot builders.

Will you be my next success story? Let's get on a call and find out.

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